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Rock Climbing San Vito Lo Capo - Sicily

Accommodations in San Vito Lo Capo
at the

San Vito Climbing Festival
7-12 October 2013

Holiday House
6 persons

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House Frassino under Monte Cofano,
2 rooms for 4 persons

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Today sports climbing is well established on the island’s territory. Sicily, due to its morphological conformation, consists of large mountainous ridges and deep fluvial incisions over limestone plateaus offering numerous rock faces which are ideal for climbing. All over the island it is not difficult to find beautiful crags which are excellently equipped, often overhanging and always offering great rock. On the western side of the island, between the provinces of Palermo and Trapani many mountains offer high rock faces where, over thirty years ago, the first mountaineering itineraries. An area full of trails, cliffs and climbing areas is San Vito Lo Capo.

San Vito Lo Capo, between Makari and Castelluzzo, athletes have a choice of walls and cliffs for rock climbing

rock climbing san vito lo capo

rock climbing wall

MAP MAIN ACTIVITY EQUIPPED CLIMBING in San Vito Lo Capo( Makari and Castelluzzo):

1- CALAMANCINA ( 31 access)
2- BASE CAMP - CAMPO BASE ( 30 access)
4- BUNKER ( 20 access)
6- SALINELLA CAMPING ( 160 access)
7- CROWN ARAGON ( 29 access)



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sector climbing salinella


The surrounding San Vito Lo Capo, is full of big walls and cliffs. The reef is a rock band Salinella over four kilometers long and an average of fifty meters high, features a beautiful limestone with streaks of white and reddish, situated a few hundred meters from the sea and reaching out to the north-east with the Capo San Vito to close the large and spectacular Gulf of Cofano. With over 260 routes, is the largest sector in the area. The latest news on the riveting cover the two areas proposed here, HORSE CAVE and BASE CAMP.



crown of aragon makariSECTOR Crown of Aragon climbing:

This beautiful crag situated in a panoramic point over the gulf of Cofano, is made of a long band of red rock which is mainly overhanging and rich in concretions. Thanks to the quality of the rock, the morphology of the face and the intuition of the equippers; this crag represents the best sector in San Vito Lo Capo in terms of difficulty. The majority of routes require athletic climbing and endurance and were mostly bolted by Chiara Cianciolo, Daniele Arena, Cristian Leube and Manfred Neumajr.

ACCESS From San Vito take the road towards Castelluzzo, after 6 km (from the beginning of the main road with the division down the middle) go along the straight road running along the Gulf of Cofano, turn left on to a cement road (there is a red arrow on a tree and writing on the wall), follow the small road for a couple of hundred metres until you pass a house and park at the end of the road. From the car park, turn left on to a track (red signs) after climbing over the fence. Follow the track which first goes around the spur on the right and then go up the slope again until it comes out below the now visible red rock face (path indicated with signs and arrows.) 10 - 15 minutes from the car.

crown of aragon san vito lo capoaccess crown of aragon

Sources: http://www.versantesud.it/

Other areas of rock climbing in San Vito Lo Capo:

neversleepingwall sicily

Never Sleeping Wall - Located on the northwest tip of Sicily and a mere 500m from the seaside, the almost surreal Never Sleeping Wall was first developed in 2008 by British climber Jim Titt and a group of visiting Czech climbers and their Italian friends. Motivated by talk of fantastic limestone and further potential, in autumn 2009 a visiting group of Austrian climbers established a further set of routes, rendering the crag a little gem in the Mediterranean. You need a fair while to take in the mighty limestone wall with its incredible tufas and streaked, grey and orange rock. At sunset the entire crag glows bright red and the atmosphere couldn't be more impressive when you climb one of the 50m routes at last light. At present there are 14 routes, from 5b to 8a+, with Tears of Freedom ranking as one of the most beautiful 7a+ in the world!

Sources: http://www.planetmountain.com/


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